Our Pastors

Bonnie Britton was baptized at age 8 in 1956.  She was ordained to the office of priest in 1998 and to the office of elder in 2012. Starting in her teens Bonnie taught Sunday School for many years.  She has served in many areas in the church:  she was very active in Zioneers and Zion’s League and was a leader in both groups. Bonnie also attended Brownies and Girl Scouts plus she was a leader in the Girl Scouts as well as a Cub Scout leader. She had a licensed home care for children, owned and operated a preschool for 20 years, and is currently working in elementary education with three- and four-year-olds.

Donna Foster was baptized in 1955 as an eight-year-old child into the Community of Christ.  She was an active participant in two congregations in Michigan where she grew up and where she raised her two children.  She has seven grandchildren that range in age from 10 to 25 years old.  She served as a Skylark leader, Oriole leader and a Sunday school teacher for many years at the Detroit congregation.  She also was a counselor and director of many children’s camps at Blue Water Campground in Lexington, Michigan.  For approximately 12 years she served on the Blue Water Campground Board of Directors and served as the Board’s secretary for several years.  She was ordained a priest in 2007 while she was attending the Waterford congregation.  She moved to Largo, Florida in 2014 and joined the Clearwater congregation. 

 Marjie Kemp was raised in the Community Of Christ from birth, roots beginning In the Danville, IL area. She comes from a large family of Community of Christ members and leaders. She was baptized at 11 years old. The Clearwater congregation has been her home since she was 13, nearly 50 years. Marjie’s passion is teaching our young about God’s direction, using Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, Skits and Puppetry. Marjie holds the office of priest and resides in St. Petersburg, FL. She has 2 adult children, Ivy Kemp Ritter and Ivan Kemp.

 Serena Tankersley has been a member of the Community of Christ church since 2002. In January 2019 Serena was ordained to the office of priest. Prior to joining the Clearwater Community of Christ in 2016, she was active in both the Atlanta North and Gwinnet Congregations in north Georgia (respectively).  Serena graduated from Texas Woman’s University in 1977 with a Bachelor of Social Work degree and worked in that field for 20 years.  She has been active teaching Sunday School for youth of all ages her entire adult life.  Serena is currently the Youth Ministries Leader for the Florida Mission Center of Community of Christ.

 Kelly Hartnett has been a member of the Community of Christ church his entire life and has actively participated in congregations in California, Texas and the Northeast.  He has been a member of the Clearwater FL congregation since mid-2018.  He holds the office of deacon and lives with his wife, Cherry, in Indian Rocks Beach, FL.